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JINX- (Sweetheart, Book 3) by Jessica Caryn

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JINX- (Sweetheart, Book 3)
Cover Design- Cover Couture
Genre- Erotic Romance
Release Date- 12/8

Life is about experiences. Well, it is for me. I was in a no name bar when I met Rhys. His handsome was practiced and enhanced by new money. I knew his type. He thought he could buy anything and anyone. I drank the shot of Irish whiskey. Memphis should be somewhere on the road to another sold out show. His lifestyle came with women anxious to please. I’m not jealous. I’m possessive. Memphis knew it. I couldn’t explain my past, it was easier to leave him. Well, I broke my own damn heart. I closed my eyes and I could still hear the sound of his guitar. His voice… My eyes watered. It’s done. I took the other shot and said yes to the tall, dark, and suited in front of me. Rhys asked me to spend the weekend with him in Las Vegas. Hell, why not? I didn’t have anywhere to be. Safe sex can be wild sex. Rhys found out I wasn’t the kind of woman to be controlled. The weekend ended. He wanted to date when we returned home. I gave him cash for the ticket. I wouldn’t be on the return flight. Sin City was my kind of place…

Jinx didn’t expect to see Memphis. He walked into Gypsy and the emotion and lust rushed back. She’ll find out the painful sacrifice of leaving him behind.

*Adult fiction, it contains sexual content.*




Hi! Thank you for stopping by my little blog. This is a new endeavor for me, I work in the medical field, but romance books are my true love! And puppies!! And chapstick!! I am trying to connect other book lovers to new books and authors. So there are quiet a few posts promoting new book releases. As I read books, I post reviews about them. I have not developed a system for that...yet. But I am working on that part. So just hang in there with me as I become more knowledgeable and experienced at this blogging thing!

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