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Get Rocked! In Vegas Anthology


Title: Get Rocked! in Vegas Anthology
Authors: Various
Genre: Adult Contemporary Rockstar Romance
Release Date: May 16, 2017
In Vegas showcases USA Today, Amazon Bestselling, and Award Winning Rockstar
Romance Authors as they take you on a sexy musical journey through Sin City
with a group of ***ALL NEW*** stories, many featuring some of your favorite
fictional rock bands! Let these scorching bad boy rock stars melt your panties
and your hearts as they burn up the stage at a fictional rock festival in one
of the world’s sexiest playgrounds!
novellas by Jenna Galicki, Jade C. Jamison,Theresa Hissong, Lisa Gillis,
Lashell Collins, Jennifer L. Allen, Bella Jeanisse, Maria Bernard, Sadie
Grubor, Kacey Hamford, Toni Kenyon, Lindy S. Hudis, Gina Kincade


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99c for a limited time


Hi! Thank you for stopping by my little blog. This is a new endeavor for me, I work in the medical field, but romance books are my true love! And puppies!! And chapstick!! I am trying to connect other book lovers to new books and authors. So there are quiet a few posts promoting new book releases. As I read books, I post reviews about them. I have not developed a system for that...yet. But I am working on that part. So just hang in there with me as I become more knowledgeable and experienced at this blogging thing!

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